Bra Fitting: A Common Sighting

Written by Karina Nowysz


Posted on February 09 2024

Today, we’re going after the big guys! Well, we're actually focusing on a crucial aspect of a proper fitting bra. 

Lingerie department stores only go up to a certain cup size so they accommodate the band size for the cup. Which means, if you are a 32G, a department store may end up selling you a 36DD (E) to accommodate the cup volume - specifically in this case, to accommodate the volume of a G cup. As bra fitters, we see this on a daily basis when a customer comes into the store for a first-time fitting. 

Pictured: 32D and 36D from Passionata Brooklyn (same brand and style in both sizes)

The size of the band impacts the volume of the cup. Even if we’re talking about the same cup-size, the band will decrease or increase the cup volume. So for instance, a 32D is much smaller in the cup than a 36D (pictured above).

The bottom line is the cup may be fitting OK, but the band is extremely loose and in some cases, it rides up. This is an issue when it comes to a proper fitting bra because the majority of the support comes from the band! We as fitters want the band to fit snug and you will notice the difference right away. The band is actually one of the three points we look for in a proper fitting bra.

The band provides the most support - 80% of the work comes from the bra band! 

Think of the bra band as a teeter-totter. If the band rides up because it is too loose then the cups go down. A snug band should sit parallel to the ground across your back. And by a loose band, we mean you should not be able to stretch it more than a few inches from your body. 

A loose band also affects the straps of the bra. Sometimes if you have an issue with your straps constantly slipping off your shoulders, it might just be that the band is not firm enough around your body. 

The other two things we look for in a proper fitting bra are the centre gore and the underwear sitting in the right place. This is where the the Scoop and Swoosh method comes in handy!

We will go into more detail about the underwear and centre gore in the next blog! 

But let’s just briefly go over the scooping method that we often have to talk about with our customers, especially if it’s their first proper bra fitting.

Firstly, by using the scooping method it allows for all of your breast tissue to be contained inside the cup. All you have to do is just use one hand and gently pull your band away from the side. Using the other hand, scoop your breast tissue from the side into the cup. It makes a huge difference in the overall bra fit! When you think the cup is too big just do the Scoop and Swoosh method and look at the magic!

Happy bra fitting!

Signing off until next time! xox




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