Tried & Tested: The Fit Fully Yours Serena Bra

Written by Karina Nowysz


Posted on March 13 2021

There’s so much going on for this bra and it’s all good things! Just where to start is the question.

Well first off it’s a Canadian line, it’s the Serena bra from Fitfully Yours and it’s becoming a popular choice among our customers. We had to bring in a second colour!

There are many reasons why this bra has grown to be a favourtie among our customers since bringing it into store.

The Fit

Thank you to stretch lace, which makes for an easy fitting bra. Serena has stretch lace on the top of the cups with a gentle elastic band – perfect for fittings. This bra is full coverage with a high centre gorge that lifts you, giving you a round shape. And it has a sheer panel on the inside of the cup for comfort so there’s no itch! And just as it couldn’t get any better, Serena has a J-hook functionality at the back. Yes to versatility!

The Look

Serena definitely gives us the vintage style vibes. And no you won’t get the bullet shape from this bra, like I mentioned before it gives you a round shape. But Serena does have vintage feels to it. For one, the straps are wide and the lace from the cups continue onto the straps – so pretty! Also, the wide lace band provides support and comfort. Serena could easily become an everyday bra like these ones!

fit fully yours

Extensive Size Range

There is quite a range in sizes in the Serena bra. It starts from C cup and goes up to J cup. And the band starts from 30 and goes to 44. But what’s amazing is that it’s evident that Fitfully Yours knows what it’s doing when it comes to designing this bra for fuller busts. As the sizes go up in Serena, certain features are added to enhance the overall fit and comfort. So from C to D cups there is a two hook and eye closure but starting from E to J the hooks increase to three. Also starting from G to J cups, an extra sling is added on the inside of the cup for extra support.

Price: $79

We can’t gush enough about the Serena bra and we will definitely be checking out more styles from FitFully Yours. They do have quite the range not only in sizes but styles as well.

But we’ll let you have the last verdict!

Signing off until next time! xox




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