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Fitting Guide

Finding your size
It’s more than just finding your correct size, it is learning what styles and brands work for your body shape. Our bra specialists are trained to help you find your perfect fit.

Educated Guess: Do it Yourself
This is a starting point and you will need to wear your best fitting bra that is not padded along with a fitted top. We work with the imperial system so with inches. Grab a measuring tape and follow the steps below standing in front of a mirror.

 Step 1: Measuring your ribcage = band size
  • Wrap the measuring tape snugly under your breasts so it aligns with your bra band and is level all around
  • Round the measurement up or down to the next full number
  • Take this measurement and refer to the chart below
  • You found your band size
Ribcage (Inches) Band Size Ribcage (Inches) Band Size 

Ribcage (Inches)

Band Size
25-26 30 33-34 38 41-42 46
27-28 32 35-36 40 43-44 48
29-30 34 37-38 42 45-46 50
31-32 36 39-40 44 47-48 52


Step 2: Measure your bust circumference = cup size
  • Place the measuring tape over your bra and around the largest part of your breasts (that will usually be at the height of the nipples)
  • Make sure the measuring tape stays level and fits snugly around you but does not flatten your bust
  • Round the measurement up or down to the next full number like you did before
  • Important: Subtract your Bust Measurement from your Band Measurement to get your Cup Size
  • Take the difference and refer to the chart below
The Difference (in inches)  Cup Size The Difference (in inches) Cup Size
1 A 6 F
2 B 7 G
3 C 8 H
4 D 9 I
5 DD (E) 10 J


Bra Chart Conversion

Need more help?
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